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Is Musical Play to grow a nation of orchestra players and future musicians? Well, the answer is no.

This photo shows Musical Play.

What is the purpose of “teaching” babies and young children music? It is to grow a nation of orchestra players and future musicians and talent quest winners?

Well, the answer is no.

Developing children’s musicality is about honouring the part of us that exists and needs to be nurtured. Some will go on to become wonderful musicians in their own way – others won’t. But laying the foundation of music for life is about more than just music for music sake.

It is about growing brains that are creative and responsive.

It is about developing a steady sense of beat and pattern – these things are important for all kinds of human activity from speech to sports!

It is about developing people who listen deeply and sensitively.

It is about building connections between people – whether that’s parent and child or complete strangers.

It is about fostering a love of music that will be there for life – through heartaches, joys, life and loss.

It is about taking music away from being for those who are “musical” or “talented” and giving it back to everyone.

What this photo shows is a 3yr olds response to helping to put the cutlery away. He lined the spoons up in size and sang 1 2 3 4 5 up the scale using them as a keyboard, then back down again.

He saw the music where his mum saw the dishes!

Music shouldn’t just happen in one “teaching” context. It is part of life – seeing the possibilities all around us is where that little spark of creativity is so beautifully evident in small children.

Like in the spoon drawer!

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