Readings, Clips & Articles by Julie Wylie and Others

Understanding Anxiety in Children

This is an informative article about what’s happening in the brain and body of a child who is feeling anxious. The author Karen Young has also written a picture book called “Hey Warrior” to help children “understand anxiety and to find their ‘brave’.

The Importance of Keeping a Beat: Researchers Link Ability to Keep a Beat to Reading, Language Skills

The findings of a Northwestern University study of more than 100 high school students lend proof to the surprising link between music, rhythmic abilities and language skills.

Sensory Processing Issues Explained

Child Mind Institute (Author: Beth Arky)

The Beautiful World of Baroque Music

This film clip includes beautiful footage of children drawing, dancing and interacting as they listen to Baroque music, such as Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. As the narrator on the film clip says, “Neuroscience research suggests Baroque music slows down the heart beat and tunes the brain to the alpha state, where both halves of the brain are accessed equally. Regular exposure to Baroque music can positively affect development of the brain.”

Spontaneous singing and young children’s musical agency

Dr Bronya Dean, University of Exeter

“Music, music therapy, musical play and the role of music in the lives of children and adults with Down syndrome”

An article about music therapy and Down Syndrome

Approaches: Music Therapy & Special Music Education

Julie Wylie & Dr Susan Foster-Cohen

Spontaneous Singing and Young Children’s Musical Agency

Dr Bronya Dean, University of Exeter

Waiata and the Brain

A podcast. Singing waiata to pēpi massively helps language development. When pēpi is born they are able to respond to certain tones with a matching tone. Singing and tone matching gives a basis for learning language.

The Power of Musical Play by Julie Wylie – Oh Baby Magazine 2019

Julie featured in an article in Oh Baby magazine

Making a Song and Dance

A podcast by the fantastic Double Strength Mama Power team, Suzy Cato and Tui Fleming.

Nathan Wallis: Brain Development in the First Three Years of Life

Listen to Nathan Wallis speak about brain development