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What is the Postgraduate Certificate in the Psychology of  Musical Play?


The Postgraduate Certificate in the Psychology of Musical Play provides theoretical and practical knowledge relating to Musical Play therapy, drawing from the fields of music therapy, music education, Clinical Arts Therapy, Child Psychology, Early Intervention, Play Therapy and Musical Play.

What makes this course unique?

This is the only course that brings music and play together in ways that enhance children’s physical, mental, and emotional health.

  • Play is the universal language of all children; the way they explore their world, develop physical and social skills and regulate personal responses to difficult situations and conflicts.

  • Play promotes sensory, social and emotional understanding, enhancing positive emotions, helping children to develop resilience and problem solving skills.

  • Musical play activities engage the whole brain: calming the lower brain, engaging the mid-brain and stimulating the upper cortex.

  • Musical play develops a sense of self, regulation, communication, relationships, sensitivity, timing, social skills, spatial awareness.

  • Musical activities help therapists to understand how each child processes the world, and what their movements, words, and ideas tell about the child and their emotional state and learning.


This course not only focuses on working with typically developing children but also with children with a range of special needs and developmental profiles. Musical Play naturally fosters children’s creative thinking, self-expression and musicality thus promoting their well-being.


What does this programme consist of ?

The course of study for the Certificate comprises four courses and one 4-day practice-based seminar. Dates will be advised upon contact with us.


Participants will complete the following courses:

  • History and theories of and Musical Play

  • Developmental ages & stages in Play and Musical play

  • Play Therapy and theoretical and practical Musical Play techniques, applications, and skills

  • The language of play, musical play and developmentally appropriate practices

What are the entry requirements?

Students entering the programme typically have completed a three-year undergraduate degree in a relevant professional qualification, including, Teaching, Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Psychology or Nursing plus a minimum of two years’ post-graduation work experience. 


Is this programme for me?

The course will benefit professionals working in the following fields

  • Psychology

  • Counselling

  • Clinical Arts Therapy

  • Counselling

  • Nursing

  • Social Work

  • Teaching

  • Early Intervention

  • Psychotherapy

When can I start using Musical Play in my clinical practice?

The Postgraduate Certificate in  Musical Play is Stage One of our Training Programme. Those who have successfully completed the Certificate may be eligible to apply for Stage Two which includes the Postgraduate Diploma in Therapeutic Musical Play. This advanced qualification is clinically oriented and focuses on therapeutic application of Musical Play for children with various mental health conditions, multi-system developmental disabilities and/or learning difficulties.


What is the Course Fee?

The fee for this on-line training and three practical workshops is NZ$5,000. This fee can be paid in two instalments: one payment will be paid prior to starting the on-line training. The second payment will be paid prior to the practical workshops.


Effort has been made to ensure that the information presented on this website, including the details of the Training Programme, course information and materials is accurate. However, the Conveyors of the Training Programme reserve the right to change and modify the Programme and workshops, course titles, trainers and contents of this website. All information contained on this web-site and in learning materials, outlines and videos remain exclusively the property of Julie Wylie School of Music and the Child and Family Play Therapy Centre.

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Pre-enrolment will secure your space on our waiting list. When we open enrolments for the next round of training we will send you an enrolment application form and will ask you to confirm acceptance within 20 days. The Programme fee is payable once you have confirmed enrolment.

Sometimes the number of applicants exceeds the spaces available. When this occurs, those not immediately successful will be wait-listed.

If you need help, please contact us at info@juliewyliemusic.com

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