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Musical Play Activities for Autumn

Autumn is such an amazing season for inviting children to really look around and notice how the world is changing. They can see the change in the colours of the leaves, hear the wind and the sound that crunchy leaves make and feel the way different leaves feel in their hands as they change from green to brown.

We are advocates for taking music outdoors. Children love being outside, and there is no better way to experience nature than by being in it and using music to make it a mindful experience where children tune into the world.

So how do we, as teachers and parents, do this?

1 Go on an Autumn Sound Hunt and find interesting sounds. We use a simple tune to sing about each sound we find along the way. For example:

(To the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down)

Listen to the crushing leaves

Scrunching leaves

Crunching leaves

Listen to the crushing leaves (leave a big pause here............and listen as the children crunch the leave sin their hands!)

Scrunch scrunch scrunch!

2 Throw scarves in the air and pretend they are falling leaves singing our Autumn song

(To the tune of Twinkle Twinkle)

Autumn leaves are falling down

Falling falling falling down

Red and orange, yellow and brown,

Falling falling falling down

Autumn leaves are all around

Falling falling falling down

3 Listen to Vivaldi 'The Four Seasons" "Autumn" and either draw or paint what you hear on large pieces of paper; lie on the floor and listen; use a parachute to enact the different sounds; dance with scaves and ribbons; leave musical props in the centre and allow children to create their own expression of the music. Point out the weather that you hear in the music to help them hear the wind and the leaves.

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