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Learning Native Bird Songs

This website linked below is fabulous for New Zealand children (internationally, have a look for a similar one!) to learn to listen and identify their local birds.

A gorgeous activity for teachers or parents with children of all ages, pick a few that you may hear in your area and listen to them together. Then you can practise playing the songs and seeing who can guess the bird.

The next activity involves going for a walk or sitting outside and really listening for any birds that children can identify.

Ask them to copy the sound and to point to the direction the call came from. Children quickly realise the quieter they remain the more birds they will hear.

When we teach children to tune in and deeply listen to nature, we are also teaching them to be mindful in their surroundings and promoting regulation and strong mental health. Children who are able to sit in nature and enjoy the experience without any distractions, are well set up for being able to practise mindfulness as they grow older, a practise that is well researched and understood in the mental health field.

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