The Value of Dads: Why Dads Should Be Involved in Musical Play Classes | Musical Play

Calling all dads (and granddads)! If you're not already involved in our Musical Play classes – here is why you're missing out.

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The Value of Dads: Why Dads Should Be Involved in Musical Play Classes | Musical Play

We have several Musical Play Baby classes, but there is one very special one, because fathers come to this and bring a special energy, musicality and sense of playfulness to the group. All of the babies pick up on this energetic “rough and tumble” kind of play. The fathers in the group show great enthusiasm and love for their babies and bring a special quality to our singing, dancing and improvisations.

The babies are watching, listening intently, picking up on the rhythmic patterning, drumming, and in their movements and singing. Nicklaus aged just one year, was dancing and really playing for his captive audience. His mother said he is exploring a range of amazing dance moves at home.

Another little girl, also just one year old, is singing tunefully “up, up, up, up, UP“ the five note scale and beaming when we notice and echo her singing.

The babies bounce in anticipation of our bouncing and circle dancing songs. They are anticipating moves, such as side to side, changing direction, being carried into the middle and back, being enthusiastically flown in the air to our flying song by their Daddies.

The parents and babies come into the class positively fizzing with delight and the whole session is very moving to watch and listen to.

There is a seamless transitional flow between each activity. The blend of fathers’, mothers’ and babies’ voices is truly inspiring and beautiful.

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