Our Top 8 Musical Play Activities for Under 5s | Musical Play

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

These 8 incredibly simple Musical Play activities are some of the most important foundational musical experiences for children under 5.

1. Playing drums with pots, pans & wooden spoons

2. Learning 'finger rhymes', such as This Little Piggy

3. Listening and identifying sounds in nature, such as birds, cicadas and rustling leaves

4. Playing around on a tuned instrument such as piano or guitar with no instruction or help

5. Finding 'instruments' outside and experimenting with the sounds they make (stones, sticks, shells, etc.)

6. Peek-a-boo games and songs with high anticipation

7. Exposure to different styles of music, including classical

8. Having a special song that they hear all the time that they come to know really well – such as a lullaby, a welcome song at preschool, a favourite nursery rhyme, a funny rhyme.


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