A Quick & Easy Guide to a Music Birthday Party | Musical Play

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

A quick and easy recipe for a child's Musical Play birthday party.

Serves: as many guests as you invite!

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A Quick & Easy Guide to a Music Birthday Party: Musical Play Edition | Musical Play


  • The birthday child

  • Invited guests

  • Piece of organza, a colourful sheet or small parachute

  • Bubbles (good quality)


  • Room to move and play!


Activity One. Skinnymarinky

sing and play, Julie Wylie CD music for children babies toddlers

Once children and parents are gathered and relaxed, begin with track one "Skinnymarinky" – a beautiful and affirming song.

Actions:  Hold elbow of one arm and wave hand for the words "Skinnymarinky Dinky Dink," hold elbow of other hand and repeat action, point to self for “I”, cross hands on chest for the word “Love”, point to child for the word “you”. Repeat these actions with the repeated words of the song.

Clasp hands together and rock them low across your body for the words: “I love you in the morning”, raise hands higher and rock them across your body for the words: “and in the afternoon”. Keep hands clasped together and raise them above your head and outline the circle shape of the moon for the words: “I love you in the evening underneath the moon”. Hold the moon shape then repeat the first actions in accordance with the song.

Activity Two. Parachute Game

Sing or chant: “everybody holding the parachute and we’ll all make a great big circle.”

Then, play track 4 from CD “Sing and Play”, and have everyone move parachute up and down, or side to side, in accordance with the simple words of the song.

Activity Three. "Bubbles Pop"

Have one container of bubbles, or several if you have people helping you, and blow the bubbles to the children.

Play track 21 from CD “Sing and Play” and invite several parents to blow bubbles to the children, as you listen to this favourite children’s song. The song supports the bubble blowing and the flute paints a musical picture of bubbles floating in the air.

Activity Four. Pass the Parcel

Have children sitting in a circle. Have a parcel with home-made or inexpensive gifts wrapped in individual sheets of recycled wrapping paper, as many gifts and sheets as there are children.

Sing or chant: "pass around the parcel, pass around the parcel, pass around the parcel and stop!" The child who has the parcel on the word “STOP” gets to undo the first part of the parcel and to keep the first tiny gift. If you can’t think of a tune adapt the first part of the song “The Floor and the Tambourine” track 24 “Sing and Play” CD.

Activity Five. Birthday Food

Sing : “now it’s time for the birthday food, now it’s time for the birthday food”, to the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.

Have fun, relax and enjoy your child’s very special day. Remember : keep it simple! and if you enjoy it, the children will too. 

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