How Tummy Lying Helps for Regulating Music Sessions | Musical Play

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Did you know that tummy lying can be a highly regulating way to conduct music sessions?

How Tummy Lying Helps for Regulating Music Sessions | Musical Play

Did you know that lying down on tummies can be very regulating for children?

Is this something your centre does for music?

The deep pressure is calming for little brains and can make for a very effective tool when music sessions are getting too busy or children have been stuck inside and need help quietening down.

We often lie on our tummies and use the floor as a large drum... or make pitter patter finger sounds for “Rain Rain Go Away”... or sing stories together in a circle on our tummies.

We also love starting and finishing music sessions lying down on our tummies. It is a very regulating way to bring children together for a "Hello" welcome song, and a lovely way to finish if they are requiring more time to calm down at the end.

We sing "lie down on the floor", while singing down the scale from note 5-1 to get the children hearing and understanding the pitch moves downwards. This also further supports the instruction to go down.

1 July 2020 - Edit: After we shared our thoughts on using tummy lying to regulate groups of children, we were sent this wonderful example of students lying on their tummies listening to music and drawing the patterns they hear.

This was sent by a wonderful music teacher is such an enthusiastic advocate of the power of Musical Play. Listening to music and interpreting rhythmic, and melodic patterns through art is a regular feature of their classroom music for regulation, listening and creativity.

Teachers like this are pure gold, what lucky lucky students.

Send us your examples of incorporating our Musical Play ideas into your classroom, early childhood centre or home – we would love to feature them on our website and Facebook page!


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