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Exciting News for Early Childhood Teachers! | Musical Play

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Julie Wylie is excited to announce that her 'The Power of Musical Play' training film is now available.

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My whole life has been profoundly influenced by Musical Play. I guess I think musically. I look at little babies and young children responding musically and with great joy and I am constantly excited by the way they move, dance, sing and play.

I see exciting possibilities for teachers to match their students’ energy and emotional levels, and how they can use music effectively in the classroom.

The other day in our baby music class, an eight month old baby had his mother and father interacting with him and we were singing echoes. He made a vocal sound. I copied him. He went pink in the face and gave a big smile. I waited, and watched him. He then sang a beautiful clear note.

He had found his singing voice. Both parents were profoundly moved by his singing.

His mother said: “I can’t sing!” I am waiting for the day when she too will join in the singing and discover her singing voice.

To quote Dr. Dorita Berger and Dr. Daniel Schneck: Music works because “the elements of music exactly parallel the functional behaviour of the human system, both physiologically and emotionally. Music speaks to the body through intuitive channels that are accessed at entirely different levels of consciousness from those associated with cognition."

The film of my work illustrates how, and why music works to develop relationship, calming and regulation, for parent and child, to bring joy so that the child can become the confident music leader.

The children inspire and teach me every single day.

Dr. Susan Foster Cohen and I are delighted at the response to the premier of the film of our collaborative music work over five years with children with a range of special needs. Susan has been filming, questioning me and we have spent hours looking at film footage which conveys what, why and how music works for young children and their families. This film: 'The Power of Musical Play' with unlimited access is available at a very significant discount from $75.00 to $50.00 for the month of October only.

If you would like to purchase unlimited access to the whole video go to: to register and purchase online. This offer is only open until the end of October, so don’t delay.

Queries and questions:

I feel so blessed to be sharing my absolute love of children and passion for musical play.

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