Autumn Music Inspiration for Babies & Young Children | Musical Play

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Autumn is upon us and our music classes are so excited by the sounds, textures and new instrumentation that can be found around their gardens and local reserves.

Autumn Inspiration for Babies & Young Children | Julie Wylie Musical Play

This week our homework was to go on a nature hunt and find some autumn treasure. The children delighted in sharing their treasure with the class as we sang an improvised song about what each child found during the week. The children and parents played their autumn instruments to the song ‘We Are Playing Music.’

We then sang about the textures of the treasure, the smells of the treasure, the sounds of the treasure and the look of the treasure. This was exploring the different leaves, nuts, shell casings and seed pods by use of our different senses – creating a sound understanding of what each item of treasure is.

What a wonderful sensory musical learning experience we shared and one that can easily be re-created at home or any education centre.

- Originally published by Sarah Marra, 13 April 2016

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