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Sparking Your Child's Creativity: How to Combine Painting & Music | Musical Play

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Musical Play does not have to only be about music – it can involve any type of creativity, painting included! Here is how to easily incorporate painting into your Musical Play.

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Sparking Your Child's Creativity: How to Combine Painting & Music | Musical Play

We can paint and draw the patterns we hear in music.

Using large rolls of paper on the floor, children love to paint and express what they hear. Older children can be encouraged to paint the patterns in the music, listening for the changes and the subtle movements of melody and rhythm.

Listen to music and concentrate on the rhythms: fast, staccato, slow, smooth, spiral, zig zag, straight or curved patterns.

We can dance and draw the lines of melody high, low, twirling, trilling,

Listen to bird song and draw what you hear.

Listen to the Sounds of the waves of the sea. There are patterns, loud, soft, crescendo.

Listen to different instruments. They all have different sound colours. What colour would you use for the sound of the flute? The trumpet? the tuba, the double bass?

Listen and draw the sounds of the wind in the trees. Listen, imagine, dance, paint, draw and play.

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