Musical Play Tip: Don't be Afraid of Repetition | Musical Play

Through our adult lens, musical repetition can sometimes seems, well... repetitive. But trust us, repetition is a good thing for the brains of babies and young children!

Musical Play Tip: Don't be Afraid of Repetition | Musical Play

Sometimes, when we see music sessions or even little songs at home through our adult lens, we can feel like we are “always doing the same thing” or not mixing it up enough.

Trust the children. They’ll let you know when they’re ready for something new.

We’ve been surprised over and over again by children wanting the same activities, the same songs, the same patterns... almost like children’s brains love pattern and predictability? Now that we know for sure.

It is an excellent idea to add new ideas and interesting new elements into well-loved songs and games, but don’t feel pressure to keep things “new” and different IF the children are happy and engaged. That is your measure.

Yes, you might feel tired of the ABC song. And sometimes, the mood of the adults is reason enough to shake things up. Parent joy matters too! But unless that is a concern, indulge in repetitive songs and activities and allow children to lead the way – as always.


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