Easy Weekend Musical Play Ideas | Musical Play

Here are 5 fun and hassle-free Musical Play ideas to entertain your kids on the weekend.

Easy Weekend Musical Play Ideas | Musical Play

Any of us can use little moments in the weekend to build up children’s musicality in very simple, yet effective ways. Tick off a couple of these this weekend!

• Create a short list of sounds to find in the garden. A high sound, a rough sound, a funny sound, a pitched sound, a low sound, a soft sound

• Turn a favourite story into a song – instead of reading it, use a simple melody to sing the book

• Draw 8 circles or create 8 play dough balls or stack 8 blocks and sing the scale 1-8. Then sing back down and show them how to point to notes and sing them

• Put on your favourite album at home and sing along – showing them our joy and love of music is just as important as them experiencing their own

• Blow up a balloon and sing a throw and catch song or use it as a drum


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