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Do You Have a Newborn in Your Life or on the Way? | Musical Play

We are often asked when to start ‘music’ with babies. The truth is...

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Even before birth babies are listening and learning the songs they regularly hear. It can be particularly calming for babies to hear those songs outside the womb, especially if they are songs that are gentle and rhythmic.

It is never too early to start – little songs that connect your baby to your voice are wonderful for those early bonding days.

Your voice is the key – rather than recorded songs, stick with singing songs yourself and don’t be afraid of repetition.

It is lovely to choose songs that the parent enjoys singing, rather than traditional “children’s songs”. Some parents connect better to songs they love or remember from special moments in their life.

Songs from your own childhood can be very special.

Try and remember if your grandparents sang songs to you or songs from your culture. These traditions are lovely to continue into a new generation and provide anchors for both parent and child in the weeks ahead.

When a new baby needs a break, they will look away. Sometimes they need time to process and rest, so it pays to watch for these moments and pause singing or make sure it is a very slow, calming song in those moments.

Building a song into every nap or sleep time is powerful for reinforcing routine and predictable daily patterns. Choose something short and calming – even incorporating a small sung storybook can be lovely for a little routine.

The most important thing is to remember that babies want their parents voice. No matter how “good” that voice may be deemed – to the newborn, it is absolutely perfect

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