Why You Should Sing to Your Child, Even if You Can't Sing! | Musical Play

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Whether you can sing in tune (or not), Julie Wylie encourages us to sing to our children anyway, due to the amazing benefits of Musical Play.

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Why You Should Sing to Your Child, Even if You Can't Sing! | Musical Play

When we sing to our babies and young children we instinctively share our feelings of love, playfulness, our joint experiences and emotions. Singing is mutually enjoyable for parent and child.

We might think we are not musical, but parents everywhere have to realize that their singing voice is the most important in the world for their child. 

You sing a question, your baby answers with musical expression.  These singing games at bath time, changing time, cuddle time are building strong emotional bonds of connection.

All the elements of music are incorporated in singing, listening, waiting, filling in the gaps. These interactive musical moments are building the foundation for musical behavior.

Musical Play is powerful – when you sing to your baby or child (in tune or not) you lay the foundations for healthy brain growth and development, brain/body connections, positive relating, timing, warm sympathetic interactions with others, mental health and well-being.

So, have fun and sing away!

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