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Building the Foundation of Music for Life

"Julie Wylie's work is unparalleled in its sophistication, creativity, insight and basis in science"

Dr Susan Foster-Cohen, Director of The Champion Centre, NZ

Thanks for your interest in Musical Play

The Julie Wylie Institute of Musical Play is building the foundation of music for life.

We educate, inspire & grow teachers, parents & therapists in schools, organisations & homes so that everybody is able to benefit from the life-changing effect of fostering musicality and creativity from birth.
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Julie Wylie's Story

Through her specialisation in Musical Play in early childhood, Julie is both locally and internationally recognised for her services to child development in early intervention, special education, and with teachers and professionals all over the world.


Over the span of 30 years, Julie Wylie has developed the Musical Play philosophy as well as founded the Musical Play Institute, which provides training and learning opportunities for families and professionals through online and real world learning. 

A modern visionary, Julie carved her legacy through her pioneering work with children and their families in her music school, the establishment of the Musical Parenting Association, and her role in establishing the Musical Play Programme for children with special needs at the Champion Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Julie Wylie's written work and music  can be found in multiple international publications, linked on the Readings page. 

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The Musical Play Philosophy

All babies are born musical. It is in how we nurture this innate musicality that allows children to develop a deep foundation of music for life.

Julie Wylie's Musical Play philosophy is based on decades of grounded clinical, psychological, educational and therapeutic research – drawing from a rich, holistic understanding of the art, science and psychology of music and child development.


Julie developed Musical Play alongside parents, babies and preschoolers, in community, educational, and Early Intervention therapeutic settings.


Now, Musical Play is recognised internationally for its groundbreaking influence on the way in which we understand and use music in early childhood and pediatrics. 


What We Offer

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Musical Play


We host music classes in Christchurch for babies, and young children up to age 6, taught by our wonderful team of Musical Play specialists. 

Classes are run during the school term, in various locations around Christchurch.


We have a waiting list, so we encourage families to get in touch early.


Training & Professional Development

Training and workshops for teachers, parents, and therapy professionals in the art, science and psychology of Musical Play, through workshops, music seminars and ongoing support.

In-centre Professional Development for Early Childhood centres – from block courses with your centre children to short courses with your centre/organisation staff.

Information on our Postgraduate Certificate in the Psychology of Musical Play is also found here.

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music classes groups kids chch christchurch
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Julie Wylie

Music & Resources

Julie Wylie's award-winning children's music is available for purchase or download.


Her much loved and acclaimed resources are loved by families all over the world, from lullaby albums to albums for babies and Primary-aged children.


Her books & DVD are also available to buy online here.

Ideas, Inspiration

& Activities

Current and cutting-edge ideas for Musical Play in early childhood centres, therapy settings and for music at home.


Learn age-appropriate Musical Play activities, get inspired for your own music sessions, and gain confidence to sing and play at home through the many ideas shared regularly on our blog – there is advice and guidance for everyone.

Make sure to follow us on Facebook for daily inspiration as we share lots of ideas that ANY parent or educator can use in their daily routines. We are all musical, sometimes we just need a little encouragement!

Musical Play
as Therapy

Julie Wylie deepened her Musical Play philosophy through her work as a Senior Paediatric Music Specialist at The Champion Centre.


At this Early Intervention centre, Julie has worked with families to bring developmental change through pioneering Musical Play as therapy for the last 30 years. 

More information is available by clicking the link

Supporting professionals, and parents and caregivers, to build their knowledge and confidence in the art, science & psychology of Musical Play in early childhood is the core purpose of the Institute.
Not only do we offer support and workshops, we have now created the online qualification for those looking to take their learning and their career to the next level.
music therapy online training

Postgraduate Certificate in Musical Play Therapy

This unique and progressive qualification is designed for professionals wishing to understand and utilise the principles of Musical Play in their own work.


Based online, with intensive ongoing support, this qualification has limited spaces per year for students looking to train in early childhood Musical Play. So,

get in quick.


More information is available here

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