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“Music, Learning And Your Child” In this practical handbook for all parents of young children, Julie Wylie first shows how to introduce unborn and newborn babies to music as part of their environment, then explains how to set up a musical playgroup where young children will derive tremendous pleasure from a range of stimulating new experiences. She integrates music with play, learning and socialisation, and makes it fun for parents and caregivers to take part too. The book also shows how to use commonplace objects and everyday sounds as resources, and how to make simple, inexpensive musical instruments. Detailed anecdotes and case histories illustrate how all children, from all ethnic groups and regardless of their abilities or disabilities, have benefited from having music as a regular part of their environment. Even if you can’t sing or play an instrument yourself, this book will show you how to make music an important and pleasurable part of your children’s development.

Music, Learning and your Child Book

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